Self pick up
Step 1: Add your cart
Kindly click the shopping cart icon at the top bar after added your cart completely.

Step 2: Proceed the checkout page
To continue the checkout page by clicking the checkout button.

Step 3: Enter Coupon Code
Kindly enter the coupon code if there is available.

Step 4: Filling the information
Kindly fill in your personal information completely to the shipping details, for billing details part (right side) will auto sync.

Step 5 & 6: Choose Delivery Date & Time
Kindly choose your delivery date and time, we promise to proceed it by trying our best.

Step 7: Choose Shipping method.
Kindly choose your shipping method which deliver to your place or self pickup.

Step 8: Choose Payment method.
Kindly choose your payment method and bank in as the bank details provided. After that, send us a copy of payment slip by email or WhatsApp.

Step 9: Complete your order
Last, click the confirm order button to complete your order. Thanks!

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